Ford EcoBoost Facts You Should Know During Our EcoBoost Challenge Sales Event


With our Ford EcoBoost Challenge Sales Event going on now, we thought you might like to know more about what EcoBoost means.

Ford introduced its turbocharged, direct injection EcoBoost engine series in 2009. For Ford, this was a bold move. Ford already had a series of very reliable, efficient engines, but the company knew that going forward, engines would have to be even better.  So Ford opted for new turbocharged technology in the EcoBoost, knowing it would have to build something pretty spectacular to convince current loyal customers to switch from the current powerplants that were tried and proven.

It turned out to be one of the automaker's smartest moves.

Ford EcoBoost engines feature 128 patents for technology. Ford has invested billions to upgrade facilities to build the engines in the U.S. and in Europe. In the last six years, EcoBoost powerplants have grown in popularity, and have received excellent reviews from industry experts as well as vehicle owners.

Ford EcoBoost engines provide:

  • Improved power in smaller displacement engines. Compared to normally aspirated engines, EcoBoost provide the ability to have the power of a V-8 in a V-6.
  • Improved fuel economy. As much as 20% better than normally aspirated engines making the same power.
  • Reduced emissions. As much as 15% less.
  • Smaller, more compact engines. Which means more design and engineering options.
  • More responsive performance. Plenty of torque, even for a smaller, turbocharged motor.

As requirements for fuel economy and reduced emissions expand in the future, Ford is in an excellent position to continue to provide owners with vehicles that meet standards while providing excellent performance.

During our sales event going on now at Ray Varner Ford, East Tennesseans get EcoBoost Challenge pricing on these great vehicles:

  • New 2015 Ford Focus four-door sedan. Automatic. $16,900 after Ford Factory Rebate and Ford Credit Financing. Our lowest price on this Focus you'll get this year. Stock #C5812
  • New 2015 Ford Fusion. Sync. $17,499. Ford Motor Company's Competitive Owner Cash applied with Ford Factory Rebate and Ford Credit Financing. Stock #C5858
  • New 2015 F250 Lariat Crew Cab. 4x4. Chrome Package. $45,900 after Ford Factory Rebate with Ford Credit Financing. (The lowest price we'll do on this truck all year!) Stock #T4043
  • New 2015 F150 SuperCrew. 4x4,  V6 EcoBoost, Tow Package. Chrome Package. $38,900 after the Ford Factory Rebate and Ford Credit Financing. Stock #T4150
  • At Ford Truck Country we've got EcoBoost Challenge discounts on all of our new 2015 F150's!

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